Available Dockage

If you have a dock available for use by a boat displaced due to Hurricane Irma, please complete the Sign-up form. Those interested in your dock are instructed to contact you by e-mail.

(Your name and phone number will not appear on the list posted on this website, it will be used only by PGBA to verify the listing with you.)

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List of Available Docks

If you have been affected by sea wall collapse caused by Hurricane Irma, below you will find a list of docks listed which are unoccupied and available for use. If you are interested in one of these docks, please contact the owner by e-mail.

This chart views best on a computer. For mobile device, click on the “PDF” button below to view contact information.

3245 Woodthrush Dr11 docks available 28'5?
3830 Bal Harbor Dr30 (lift)?
1260 Royal Tern Drive30about 5
1260 Royal Tern
33 hibiscus30' lift?
33 hibiscus60'?
Saba Court just off rim canal26'Minimum 5
Power boat section – 654 Andros CourtHas 10,000 lb boat liftdon't
23 Ocean Drive15'7'
5046 LaCosta Island Ct.PGI45'8'
400 CoronadoHas 20,000 pound
1360 thrasher drive50ft?
1360 thrasher drive12000lb. lift?
3835 Aves Island Ct. Side Canal)In Water Length 50' plus 24Klb Lift 5' +/
1030 Via Tripoli29’
1244 Royal Tern Dr15\'6\'
2852 Coral Ct150 feet / 20k pound lift3 feet at low
220 Coldeway Dr30 ftBass
1111 La Salina Ct15\'6\'
1308 Via Milanese / Whitefish Lagoon15 ft +/-4
3772 Peace River Drive40\' 8-10 \' at end – sailboat
3800 Bal Harbor #213367YesYesYes
1456 Sea Fan Drive30\'6\'
416 Exuma Ct15 feet 8000 lb boat lift 7 feet only 2 bumper post, good boat
5300 Almar Drive15 feet Plus 10,000 lbs liftabout 5
440 Sorrento Ct15 plus 10,000 lb boat lift6
1405 Thrasher Dr.25\' plus 25k lift5ft.
Deborah Drive, PGI36 (with boat lift)5-8 feet
3307 Tripoli Blvd45\'
1401 Sea Gull Crt. Punta Gorda, Fla27\" Boat length available"36\" @ low water"
3657 Aruba Ct60ft12 ft
3730 Whippoorwill Blvd457
Coral Way 205
1240 pine siskin dr14\' ?6\'?
3806 Saint Girons Drive (BSI)30\' w/ 15K lift5-6
Rio Lisbo
2235 Ryan Blvd50 feet with 12000 lb boat lift6
5301 ALMAR DR30\'8\'
41 Tropicana Drive36\'
3657 Aruba Ct60ft12
1440 Appian Drive15\' 4\'
1440 Appian DrivePair of 5k davits, 20\' apart4\'
3668 Balboa ct16\'4.5\'
133 Crescent dr36\'8\'
2601 Palm Tree Drive60 feet?
61 Ocean Dr PGIAnyNot sure. Guess 5-6’
PGI canalLift up to 4000 lbs5’ alongside 12’ in canal.
1606 Bobolink Ct.40 feet/boat lift4
2601 Rio Plato Driveup to 40 feet6-7 feet, maybe more?
913 Via Tripoli, PGI14\', with 10,000# lift w/remote control7\'
5240 Almar drive18 feet7
2601 Rio Plato Drive24 ft – handles a 36 ft sailboat7-8 ft?
2800 La Manch Ct.Two 70 foot docks on 2
4613 Almar Dr.30\'5\'
2900 and 2848 Ryan Blvd.30 feet and 30 feetNot

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